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    Osho is an enlightened mystic of the 20th century whose timeless teachings represent the core essence of spirituality and cater to all kinds of individuals in their search for bliss and higher self.

    Osho is regarded as one of the most influential spiritual leaders the world has ever seen. His contribution to modern human civilization is unparalleled as he bridged the gap between ancient systems of mysticism and the modern human mind, established that the spirit and matter, the inner and the outer are complimentary rather than opposed to each other, and brought together the western and eastern spirituality with his scientific, practical approach.

    He revived the essence of all religions and saints of the past and made them so easily available to the modern seeker. His impeccable commentaries on enlightened mystics like Buddha, Krishna, Lao tzu, Christ, Kabir, Meera, Nanak, Mahavir, Patanjali, Gorakh, Mohammad, Gurdjieff and many more are the most captivating works on spirituality one can find. These recorded talks are available as thousands of hours of Audio as well as Video discourses, have been transcribed into hundreds of books and translated into dozens of languages.

    Osho explained in simple language, hundreds of meditation techniques from all of human history and how each of them can help seekers get a glimpse of divinity. From Shiva’s Tantra to Gautam Buddha’s Vipassana, From the ecstatic poems of the Sufis to the Yogic Science of Patanjali, From the flow of Tao to the path of Zen, he left none unexplored. Osho himself created dozens of therapeutic, cathartic style methods of active meditations and therapies to help alleviate the stresses faced by man. Such remarkable offerings for the evolution of human consciousness earned him the title ‘Supermarket of Spirituality’ and rightly so because people from all walks of life and following any religion or path can find something helpful in his teachings.

    His life affirming futuristic insights on politics, education, population, relationships, health, commune living, social and financial structures all provide effective solutions to modern problems and promise a glimmer of hope for humanity. Often referred to as the ‘Buddha of the future’, One of Osho’s major contributions is that he offered a new, fresh attitude towards religion and god. He was a proponent of ‘Godliness’ as a quality and not God as a person; Similarly ‘Religiousness’ not religion as the flowering of the human potential and ‘Sannyas’ as celebration and not renunciation of life. He envisioned a new man, the complete man in ‘Zorba the Buddha’ who is a unique fusion of material and spiritual abundance which allows seekers to bloom to their highest potential without having to sacrifice one for the other. Such revolutionary ideas help bring spirituality closer to life and accessible for everyone.

    Known for the simplicity and directness in his teachings, Osho never compromised to state the truth as it is. Despite the controversy and buzz that his statements created, he constantly hammered the priests and politicians during his talks fearlessly shattering all dogma, belief systems and conditionings present in the society and also unraveled many secrets of divine sound & light. He talked extensively on subjects like psychology, philosophy, art, science, history, pop culture and literally everything under the sun providing his crystal clear mystical perspective. His discourses overflowing with messages of existential truth, individual freedom, love and harmony were enhanced greatly by his inner silence and magnetic presence. Apart from being great tools for meditative listening, Osho’s discourses are his gifts to humanity and will continue to be more and more relevant in the future.

    A master of rare calibre, An orator of the highest quality, Osho is the modern messiah, A rebellious flower whose fragrance will remain till the whole of humanity.


    (For a detailed timeline of Osho’s life, Please click here)

    Osho was born in Kuchwada, M.P. of India on 11th December, 1931. His parents Swami Devateertha Bharti and Ma Amrit Saraswati became his disciples in later years.

    He was enlightened at the age of 21 years on March 21, 1953, while he was studying philosophy at D.N. Jain College in Jabalpur. In 1956 Osho did M.A. from the University of Sagar with First Class Honors in Philosophy. He joined Sanskrit College, Raipur in 1957 and later was appointed Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur, in 1958, where He taught until 1966.

    During this period He traveled widely in India speaking to large audiences and challenging orthodox religious leaders in public debates. After 1966, he started conducting intense ten-day meditation and Samadhi camps. At times He addressed gatherings of 20000 to 50000 people.

    In July, 1970, He moved to Mumbai. By this time He came to be known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He started initiating seekers into Neo-Sannyas, which did not involve renouncing the world. This was a great revolutionary step since sannyas in all other traditions requires renunciation.

    In 1974 He moved to Poona Ashram, where He gave 90 minutes discourses nearly every morning, alternating every month between Hindi and English. In the evenings, He gave Energy darshan and sannyas.

    In March 1981, He moved to USA, where His disciples raised city of Rajneeshpuram from the ruins of the central Oregonian high desert. In October 1984 Osho ended His three and half years of self-imposed silence, and started speaking to small groups of people. In July 1985 He resumed His public discourses each morning to thousands of seekers gathered in a two-acre meditation hall.

    During 1985 – 1986 He undertook a World Tour and visited many countries including Nepal, Greece, Uruguay, Jamaica and Portugal. In all, 21 countries denied Him entry or deported Him after arrival. On July 29,1986, He returned to Mumbai, India and shifted to the ashram in Poona, India, in January, 1987. During January-February 1989 He stopped using the name “Bhagwan,” retaining only the name Rajneesh. Later He adopted ‘Osho’ as His new name. On 19th January 1990 Osho left His body.

    For a detailed timeline of Osho’s life, Please click here.