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    Maun Sivir

    To book your seats for Maun Sivir, Please directly call or send WhatsApp message on +977 9849992957 or +977 9857038397
    • In Hindi & Nepali
    • Mar 24 - Mar 30
    • 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    • 7

    We are filled with sounds, outside and inside. In the outside world it is impossible to create a situation which is silent. Even when we move to a deep forest, there is no silence – only new sounds, natural sounds. At midnight everything stops, but it is not silence – only new sounds, sounds you are not acquainted with. They are more harmonious, of course, more musical, but they are still sounds, not silence.

    SILENCE is meditation and silence is basic for any religious experience. What is silence? You can create it, you can cultivate it, you can force it, but then it is just superficial, false, pseudo. You carl practice it, and you will begin to feel and experience it – but your practice makes it auto-hypnotic. It is not the real silence.

    Real silence comes only when your mind dissolves: not through any effort, but through understanding; not through any practice, but through an inner awareness.

    Moun Sivir commenced with a dynamic meditation in the morning, and is followed by continuous remembrance of breaths 24 hours a day. To take full advantage of this sivir, participants are requested not to engage in any kind of mental activity like conversation, reading a book or thinking.

    You can go for a walk on the Rapti river, or you can walk inside the ashram. Walking will be helpful because this helps for your energy body.

    If you are aware about your breath, it will help to settle down your thoughts and will help to preserve your energy. Those energy will then helps you to go deeper into the meditation.